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Yellowstone Air Service is an FAA Approved Part 135 Certificate holder currently offering local and regional charter services with a Piper Super-Cub and Cessna Skyhawk. We provide safe & experienced pilots who both meet and exceed FAA experience requirements, and know how to balance your goals as a passenger with the operational demands of flying in the mountains of Southwest Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Additionally, our aircraft are well maintained and are uniquely suited to operating in the mountains, from minimally prepared locations, with excellent dispatch reliability. Weather is a factor in mountain flying, and our operation takes that into account each and every time we dispatch a flight - if we can’t safely achieve your mission, we recommend alternatives, or don’t fly.


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Tours & Photography

Experience the wonder of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from the bird's eye perspective of a light airplane. See below for more details and to book your unique experience.

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Ranch, Survey, & GIS

Need to show a property? Missing some cows? Need to track flood damage promptly and over a large area? Want an elk count? Interested in predator management? Having difficulty with trespassers or poachers?  Want to track invasive weeds? We can help.

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Passenger & Cargo Transport

Need to move people or material into or out of a tight spot locally or regionally? We excel at these missions. See below for airports that we routinely serve, and minimum requirements for ‘off-airport’ locations.

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Government, LE, SAR (Search & Rescue)

We offer services to multiple government agencies for wildlife survey, extended visual search profiles, transport of rescue personnel & equipment, aerial communications and data relay, imagery, and other services.


*Due to the unique operating environment, the Beartooth Plateau tour is subject to more stringent passenger requirements than other tours including: Additional weight restrictions, clothing requirements, and a higher risk of weather cancellation.


We serve many large, small, and remote airports in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, additionally we serve privately owned airports, and are uniquely suited to transporting people and cargo into or out of ‘off-airport’ locations such as hayfields, driveways, county roads, river bottoms, and in-holdings.

Great Falls, MT

Bozeman, MT

Billings, MT

Helena, MT

Three Forks, MT

Butte, MT

Twin Bridges, MT

Ennis, MT

Lewistown, MT

Gardiner, MT

Wilsall, MT

White Sulphur Springs, MT

Townsend, MT

Canyon Ferry, MT

Big Timber, MT

Harlowton, MT

Dillon, MT

Columbus, MT

Red Lodge, MT


Laurel, MT

Bridger, MT

Ryegate, MT

Lavina, MT

Roundup, MT

If you don’t see ‘your’ airport listed above, it doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t serve you! Call for a quote.


For ‘off airport’ locations we generally prefer:

  • For the Super-Cub: 900 unobstructed feet long by 75 unobstructed feet wide, aligned with the prevailing wind, unless wind is calm or light and variable.

  • For the Cessna: 1,500 unobstructed feet long by 75 unobstructed feet wide, aligned with the prevailing wind, unless wind is calm or light and variable.

  • A touchdown and rollout surface generally equivalent in width to a two lane road without ditches, holes, or other hazards to flight such as low wet spots, vehicle ruts, significant ‘crown’, aggressive sidehill, or tree stumps. 

  • We understand that not all locations fit within our general preferences. We do have margin for error that allows us to accommodate tighter standards if the remainder of circumstances permit. Inquire for details.


If you or your business own, or are interested in purchasing an aircraft but need assistance in sorting through the associated challenges of ownership, we are happy to provide aviation consulting services. Furthermore, we provide professional pilot services and aircraft management assistance under Part 91 or 135 for owners needing a single pilot or flight crew.

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